The Lightning Process and a career change!

It’s been a long time since I’ve written a post and a lot has happened so I’ll summarise the best I can!

At the start of April in 2019, I was feeling very stuck and in a particularly negative state about my recovery and life in general! However, that acted as a catalyst for change and off the back of a couple of personal recommendations, I looked into something called the Lightning Process – a training course that focuses on how the brain and the body interact, or the ‘mind-body connection’.

It’s based on the science of neuroplasticity – that being the brains ability to change, adapt and be re-moulded. In simple language, we all have neuropathways that lead to experiences such as happiness/sadness, energy/fatigue, pain/comfort, anxiety/calm etc. The more you use certain pathways, the stronger they become and the easier they are to trigger, just like muscles. So, if you’ve been working your fatigue or pain pathways really hard for a year or two, it’s no surprise that these become the default.

The course is delivered over three days and teaches you the science behind this mind-body connection before taking you through the process itself – which is a set of steps to interrupt pathways and re-direct them to more positive ones using a mix of movement, coaching and visualisation. The concept is that by consistently applying the process you can change the way your nervous system works, as your brain learns to use positive pathways that then become the automatic for you.

It was an amazing three days, shared with 5 brilliant people, who were there for different reasons including M.E, Anxiety and Fibro. I definitely saw improvements by day three and within a week of finishing the Lightning Process, through applying the process relentlessly when needed, I had played several rounds of golf, attended a couple of vinyasa yoga classes, been out socialising with friends all weekend and just generally felt amazing compared to 7 days before. I was just like the magical success stories that I’d read about before attending!

That is not quite how it has panned out – it’s been a journey since and I’m still working on a number of aspects of my health, through the Lightning Process and many other avenues. However, the overall theme has been very positive and what it absolutely did do was open my world to the power of the mind and the mind body connection. I found it all so interesting and impactful that I decided to train as a Clinical NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner, Hypnotherapist and Life Coach so that I could help others feeling stuck in their lives and create powerful change.

I have now fully qualified and set up my business Mind Switch which is very exciting. I’ll be working primarily in two areas:

One to One Sessions – with people on issues such as anxiety, depression, relationships, confidence, smoking, work-life balance, performance, phobias and more.

Mental Health Workshops – within organisations I will deliver workshops that teach attendees a diverse array of tools that they can apply in both their work and home life to reduce stress and burnout, manage their mental health, enhance relationships, improve communication, increase productivity and enable goal attainment.

If you, or anyone you know would like to work with me, please do feel free to email me –, or visit my website, Instagram, Facebook, or Linkedin. Due to the current climate, I’ll be operating over skype and phone for the time being and offering slightly reduced rates as a result!

Or, if you’re interested to hear more about the Lightning process, please do feel free to ask any questions – I’d wholeheartedly recommend it.

Moving forward I’m going to switch over and begin blogging from my new site – where I’ll be sharing my perspective as well as hints, tips and tools! If you’d like to opt out of this, please get in touch.

Hope everyone is well and finding the best in this unusual situation!





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