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Welcome to my blog! The place where I want to share my story of suffering from M.E/CFS and inspire, encourage and work with others to make it a better understood and treated condition. If you’re viewing on mobile you can subscribe in the footer or on the left hand side if you’re on desktop!

I first had M.E at the age of 9, where over the course of 4 years I went from a national tennis player, to completely bed and wheelchair bound for 2 years before returning back to full fitness by my early-mid teens. After 12 years, it has made an unwelcome return and I’ve been suffering from it again since March of 2018 and am working hard to try and recover as quickly as possible. Coming full circle has reminded me of so many of the challenges associated with having M.E – the misunderstanding and stigma around it, the limitations it places on your life, the mental challenges of trying to recover, the impact on relationships and much more. Experiencing it as an adult has been completely different and the challenges are distinct and more complex in many ways.

I’d like to try and use my experiences of suffering as both a child (and recovering) and adult to shed light on the biggest challenges, the journey to recovery and much more! It’s simply not talked about enough for something that dramatically affects the lives of so many people, not just in the UK but around the world.

I am also just beginning a treatment programme at Kings College London and I want to use this as a platform to share everything I learn there, so others can benefit from the programme in real time, even if they’re not on it!

I hope that this can be a positive place for those who are also suffering from M.E, in contrast to the rest of the web, and also encourage other people to share their stories, struggles and successes.

Please visit the blog section of the site for all my thoughts and advice that comes out of treatment!